Earthlog ® Equity Group, Inc.​​

​   Earth Sheltered and Commercial Underground Structures

*** We have added Equipment and Crews and can Now Build in Mexico, Chile, Asia, Europe , etc

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Our History

It was fate that brought Robert into the Construction Business. He helped Build his first stick built home when he was 12.

Later in Life he formed Earthlog its products were White Cedar Log Homes and Earth Sheltered Homes.

Earth Sheltered & Underground Homes took over with Interest from Clients, so much so he dropped the Log Homes but retained the name as it was registered & Copyrighted by him in 1989.  Then he focused on the Earth Sheltered Homes and Commercial Structures, again expanding with Larger Forms to Large Commercial Structures of using reinforced concrete for strength, longevity  and purely aesthetic reasons.

He quickly identified the philosophies that would define his new expanded firm, Robert E. Arms:

  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the client
  • Never forget why you're designing in the first place
  • No matter how you do it, leave your mark

Using Our 26 foot or 40 foot Barrel Vault Forms we can Build just about any Large Commercial Structure Your Firm Requires.

​Warehouses, Underground Agriculture & Animal Farms, Condos



Our groundbreaking and breathtaking designs can be found in homes, offices, Warehouses, Large Commercial Structures around the Country

When we design, we take our design cue from nature herself. the highest compliment we can receive is having our structures, whether private residences or office complexes, Large Commercial Structures ,  be in harmony with their surroundings.

This is Robert E. Arms.

He Founded Earthlog ® Equity Group, Inc in 1989.

He likes to Design Earth Sheltered Houses, Warehouses, Underground Agriculture & Animal Farms, etc.  

Robert's path to becoming an architect was as direct as they come. However he is a Visionary,  he sees the Larger Picture so He Has assembled  the best Team Possible to Bring Your Companies Dream to Reality. We can Design and Build Your Earth Sheltered Facility Nationwide here in the US and in Canada.

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